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wide area wind resource assessment

Dear WASP team and community
I’m working in a Master thesis about the incorporation of renewables generation in my country, Venezuela, my first approach was using the “IRENA’s Global Atlas suitability” application for select the possible geographical areas to develop projects for wind farms, some dataset has been downloaded for each area.
I double checked with Global Wind Atlas application that serves the same dataset (all of them at 100 mts height) these dataset includes some histograms, the data of these graphics and a file “.lib”,  but the description on both web sites for the same graphic is slightly different , even more, there are two different histograms in the IRENAS web site with the same description “area wind speed : mean wind speed vs Area %”  and “temporal histogram : frequency % vs wind speed” , so it make me a little confused.

1.- Can someone explain me detailed the interpretation of these histograms
2.- My best goal will be to establish how many MW and MWH can be produced in those areas (typically 1.000 to 2.000 km2), of course taking into account all the uncertainties of this statistical approach, I know that I have to consider some performance curve for generators and many other data but at this first step I just want to evaluate the possible global performance of the geographical area , can I do this estimation using Wasp software (Will I need a valid license to run it?), or  is there another way to evaluate this with the dataset mentioned above? Please explain me or drive me to an appropriate literature?
I’ll appreciate your comments


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