#1 Re: WAsP » Resource grid error » 2018-09-14 19:08:26


I've never heard of this before.

Which version of WAsP are you using?

I think we'll need to have your project (or at least your grid) in order to debug this. Can you email to WAsP support <support@wasptechnical.dk>. As for Duncan in your message and it will be assigned to me. We'll open a support case.


#2 Re: Scripting and automation » Difference between sectoral and cumulative gross AEP? » 2018-07-03 17:33:14

Hello again Vob,

Sorry again for the delay. I finally had time to look into this properly.

IRveaProductionRose.SectorForIndex(SectorIndex).GrossContribution is calculated by folding the power curve with the Weibull distribution for that sector, using a gamma function integration. The result is multiplied with the number of hours in a year, and then multiplied by the sector frequency.

IRveaProductionRose.SectorForIndex(SectorIndex).ProductionDistribution.ProductionForSpeed(Speed) is the probability of that speed (from the Weibull distribution), multiplied by the power for that speed (read off from the power curve), multiplied by the number of hours in a year.

If I understood your message correctly, you wanted to emulate the GrossContribution but summing ProductionForSpeed for a range of speeds and multiplying by sector frequency. In principle, that will give a similar value, but in practice the emulation result will be sensitive to the integration step if you’re looking at an extreme part of the Weibull distribution and have a funny power curve.

I tried to show this by doing something similar to what you reported. I made a power curve where there was uniform power delivered only between 15 and 19 metres per second. Then I applied this (with no air density correction) to a site from the Canela sample workspace. I have uploaded the workspace here
http://wasptechnical.dk/Services/Redire … 46f31af590
and I have put a screen shot of the site power prediction here
http://wasptechnical.dk/Services/Redire … 06325c5496.

I guess this is a slightly less extreme case than yours, because more of the Weibull distribution will intersect with the range 15-19 m/s compared with >19 m/s. It’s also clearer because the power curve is perfectly rectangular (if you remember to turn off air density corrections): either there is no power, or there is exactly 1MW.

Let’s look at sector 4, where the Weibull A, k and f are 9.982139, 2.529297 and 0.097123 respectively. For sector 4 the gross contribution is 46483550 Wh. This is confirmed in the WAsP user interface. This is the ‘official’ answer.

We can ask the production rose about the production for speeds from the sector. If we iterate from 14 to 20 metres per section we get the following yields:
Speed: 14   0000000000
Speed: 15   0251475900
Speed: 16   0168905800
Speed: 17   0107288600
Speed: 18   0064389630
Speed: 19   0036474820
Speed: 20   0000000000

One can try to emulate the sector gross contribution by summing these values and multiplying by the sector frequency. In this test case, the result is 61045199 Wh. This is indeed quite different.

There’s nothing wrong with the method, but the numbers don’t match because the integration step in our emulation here is far too wide at 1 m/s. This step cannot hope to capture the actual shape of the Weibull distribution as it overlaps with the power curve in this speed range.

When I reduced the arithmetic integration step, the summation result started to converge with the GrossContribution result. At a step of 1/10000, the production summed to 46483685 Wh. This is very close to the ‘real’ gamma function version.

Does this explain what you have observed? I think that if you have a more normal power curve - and are concentrating on a wider part of the Weibull distribution - the correspondence is closer. But when you are looking at a strange part of the distribution, and applying a funny power curve, then you can see this divergence.

I hope this answers your question about how the values are calculated and that this explains why the numbers differ. If you’ve got some data that can’t be explained by this, then send them to me and I’ll run the same analysis on your numbers to check I’ve got things right.

Best wishes, Duncan.

#3 Re: Scripting and automation » Difference between sectoral and cumulative gross AEP? » 2018-05-23 11:39:52

Hi Vob,

Sorry that no-one has responded to your question yet. I'll try to explain whatever you're seeing.

To simplify things, could you maybe send me a WAsP workspace which shows the confusing data? Then I can make sure that I am answering the right question. I don't need your automation code: just tell me which property of which object you're accessing and I'll work through an explanation of the numbers.

Send to duncan.heathfield@wasptechnical.dk.

Best wishes, Duncan.

#4 Re: WAsP » Production Unit Should Be kWh? » 2018-04-16 15:22:56

This was WAsP 12, but AFAIK, it would be the same in earlier versions too. We have not added this code recently.

Can you send me your workspace? Open a case at by emailing waspsupport@dtu.dk and ask that it is assigned to Duncan. Attach your workspace.


#5 Re: WAsP » Production Unit Should Be kWh? » 2018-04-16 09:56:34


In the WAsP main program, the units are automatically chosen, and the value rescaled for display.

I made a simple low-yield turbine and used it with a standard case, and the display changed to show kWh. Check out the screen shot here:
http://wasptechnical.dk/Services/Redire … 3f0c404b51

Is this what you mean?


#6 Re: WAsP » Source code or LINUX version of IEC turbulence simulator » 2018-03-28 12:05:07


Thia code is not currently open source and I am not aware of any plans to make it so.

Do you hope to compile it yourself, or can you work with a compiled binary (*.so) file? There's a chance that could be available in the months ahead.

Do you need to get the simulator results only, or are you wanting to build a visualisation application too?

We're very keen to support new applications of the WAsP models, but it can be complicated. Maybe you should contact us to discuss this further. Email me, if you like. duncan.heathfield@wasptechnical.dk

#7 Re: WAsP » WAsP license » 2018-01-16 01:16:31

Hi Kabit,

Yes, you can rest assured that the licence will be fine. The licence lives on our licence server database. If you have lost the file we sent you to register your licence on your PC, then don't worry: we can send you a new one.

HTH, Duncan.

#9 Scripting and automation » Fuill automation for all WAsP users » 2018-01-05 12:37:05

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Hello automators,

Happy New Year for 2018.

I wonder if you all noticed the interesting news which accompanied the release of WAsP 12 last month? (http://www.wasp.dk/news/nyhed?id=2D6968 … A9A6D35A3C)

WAsP 12 is being released with a new licence, called the "suite" or "bundle" licence. It's different because it includes WAsP, WAT and WAsP Engineering, and it's now an annual subscription.

What's more, the new licence allows by default full developer access to the WAsP object model. You no longer need to buy a special developer licence.

This means that if you develop some custom application or spreadsheet which uses the WAsP model without the GUI, then you can share that with all WAsP users in your organisation - or indeed with anyone in the world. You are no longer limited to scripts executing within the GUI context.

I'm aware that there is no complete documentation for the WAsP object model API, but if you're already working with scripts, then you're most of the way there already. I'll be happy and interested to answer any questions here in the forums.

We really hope that this will let people make use of the software in new and powerful ways.

Best wishes, Duncan.

#10 Re: WAsP » Updates break Google Earth synchronisation features » 2018-01-05 12:27:32

Phil, I'm delighted to hear that you find the feature so useful.

Let's get it working for you again. There have been some problems with southern hemisphere information in a recent releases, and I thought that it was all sorted in the latest release. There is an updated wasp suite installer at http://www.wasp.dk/Download/WAsP12-Suite-Installer which includes a slightly newer build of WAsP 11. You could try that.

If no joy, then we'll need to have a look at your workspace. In that case, email me at duncan.heathfield@wasptechnical.dk and we'll set up a support casae.

Cheers, Duncan.

#11 Re: WAsP » Updates break Google Earth synchronisation features » 2018-01-03 15:40:30

Hello, which version of WAsP are you using?

There was a problem with a recent update which meant that some workspaces were not getting the projection correctly restored. I think in that case, if you set the map projection again for the vector map (by hand) then it should work.

This doesn't sound like a Google Earth related problem, more like something to do with our projection transformation work. Our code generates KML and then launches Google Earth to display that. If GE is responding at all, then GE is working. If the information rendered is wrong in some way (like the wrong hemisphere), then it's our code which is having problems.


#12 Re: WAsP » AEP calculations changing project density » 2017-08-25 10:33:30

We'll add this as a feature request. Thanks. Duncan.

#13 Re: WAsP » Faster way of placing turbines » 2017-08-25 10:31:43

WAsP doesn't tell you how many turbines to install or where to put them. That's your job. The software will tell you how much electricity will be generated in the arrangement of turbines you have specified. Duncan.

#14 Re: WAsP » Smaller Wind Turbine Generators » 2017-08-25 10:29:37

Just use the power curve you got and you'll need to assume it's standard air density. But you could / should ask them if you should use something else. The CT curve is used only when doing wake calculations. You could take one from another, similar, turbine . There is a program called Turbine Editor included in the software package, I think, and you can use this to make the file needed for WAsP if you don't have a good one from the manufacturer. Duncan.

#15 Re: WAsP » WAsP changes - could you please give confirmation? » 2017-08-25 10:26:59

You can change the heights used when calculating a wind atlas.

If you right-click the project and select "Edit configuration for member..." then find the option "Wind atlas structure" and you'll see five standard heights. Any of these can be adjusted, but keep then in ascending order of height. You can also change the number of standard heights. Next time you calculate a wind atlas it should use these settings.


#16 Re: WAsP » Required information needed to run wind assessment in Wasp 11 » 2017-08-25 10:22:11

SRTM is orographic (elevation) only. There is no roughness information from that radar survey of the world.

To prepare a roughness map, you could digitise the change lines yourself in WAsP Map Editor, or you could take a land use classes map and use some kind of table to interpret those classes into roughness lengths. Programs like Global Mapper support this kind of interpretation.

Obstacles are another matter completely. WAsP 11 only accepts obstacles with polar coordinates. You can use the obstacle group editor inside WAsP to add information about them.


#17 Re: WAsP » Wind Speed measurment question » 2017-08-25 10:17:00

Hi, were the data actually measured at 10m AGL, or were they downscaled to that height from some other simulation or measurement? Duncan.

#18 Re: Scripting and automation » How can I automate WASP 11 with developer's license? » 2017-05-23 18:44:31

Hello Hyungjun Yang,

I have replied to you directly by email.

Best wishes, Duncan.

#19 Re: WAsP Engineering » WAsP Engineering Error handling » 2017-04-24 10:46:42


We had a case last week where another user was seeing exactly this error message. The problem here is that the error message code itself has a bug and is not displaying anything useful for you.

In the other case, the underlying error was actually that the calculation ran out of memory on a very very large domain. But because of the bug, the correct error message was not displayed.

We have fixed the code already and the fix will be distributed to everyone with the next release.

Is it possible that your error wsa actually the same? You could try reducting the domain size. In any case, you can email your project to us at wasp support and we can investigate further.

Cheers, Duncan.

#20 Re: WAsP » .tab files in WAsP 11.5 » 2017-04-19 10:27:43

Hello Utku,

Could you post the file here, or at least the top four lines of the file?

If that's not possible, please raise a technical support request by emailing WAsP support <support@wasptechnical.dk>. Then you'll be able to send the file in confidence and we can investigate what you're seeing.

Best wishes, Duncan.

#21 Re: WAsP » Saving Error » 2017-03-23 12:39:52

Hello Clanker,

Sorry you are having problems. I've never heard of this before. The line of the error message that intrigues me is this one:
"Cannot open a file with that name"

Are you using an operating system with a special character set? Polish? Greek? Korean? Could there be something about one of the names you chosen?

I do think that your problem is unique, so you're welcome to raise this as a regular support case for direct help.

Best wishes, Duncan.

#22 Re: WAsP » Syncronize view with virtual globe button is grayed » 2017-02-24 11:39:03

Hi CA1,

Sorry to hear about this. For me, it's working fine, and we haven't changed anything recently in that part of the code. Has anyone else experienced problems with 11.5?


#23 Re: Scripting and automation » WAsP script library? » 2017-02-07 10:29:58

That sounds like an interesting task. It's possible to do it from an internal script, but could be a little bit clumsy.

By 'internal script', I mean a script file which you launch from the menu inside WAsP when a workspace is already open. The alternative is to perform the calculation using the WAsP automation API, but that requires a more expensive 'developer' licence.

If I was writing this script, I would probably start by making an Excel sheet with lists all the combinations of site locations (6*x,y over 12 columns, one combination per row). Then I'd create the workspace with the 6 turbine sites arbitrarily located. The script would open the Excel sheet and work through row by row: assigning the locations to the six sites and then calculating the new AEP for the farm and writing that back to the Excel sheet in the 13th column, for example.

HTH, Duncan.

#24 Re: WAsP » Error: " Could not process the menu action" » 2016-12-09 18:14:46

Hi Anna,

Since you posted this, we've been in contact via the WAsP support email, and it seems to be resolved. You fixed it by un-installing and re-installing WAsP.


#25 Re: Installation and licencing » WAsP 11 without licencing » 2016-12-07 15:10:58


There are various pages on the web discussing this problem. As I say, it's not a problem with WAsP, it's problem with the operating system which WAsP can't solve.

You could try temporarily switching off your AntiVirus. If that solves the problem, you should explore the settings on your AntiVirus and see if you can get things working while maintaining security. http://www.ehow.com/how_8586163_configu … cking.html

I don't know if this is the problem, but it's all I can suggest for now.

Best wishes, Duncan.

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